Top 10 Free Digital Marketing Tools for 2020

Did you know there are approximately 42.50 million, registered & unregistered together small businesses recorded in India alone?

with a number like this, all small business, new start-ups, and new entrepreneur looks for the best way to beat their competition. 

If you happen to be one, chances are you’re looking for strategies to get your leg up on the competition.

Digital marketing is your way to win the market.

Interested in digital marketing? Searching for tools to support you through your journey? Here are 10 tools that can help you out and are completely free without sacrificing your security.

Before learning about these tools, we should know what are these tools, why we need these tools, and how are these helpful to us?

Digital Marketing Tools

Digital marketing helps us in reaching a mass number of people, and these digital marketing tools give you access to reach up to them.

One major perk of digital marketing over traditional marketing is that it can help you reach people with low expenses. And how is it possible? Through these free tools that are made available to us.

10 Digital Marketing Tools Are-

  1. Keyword research tool 
  2. Email marketing tool
  3. Email capture tool
  4. Subscribers tool
  5. SEO tool
  6. Google analytics
  7. Google trends
  8. Designing tool
  9. Website CMS
  10. Social media automatio

Are you ready to grow your business through digital marketing?

Then let’s begin.

1. Keyword research tool



Anyone and everyone can maintain websites on Google. It is a wide network used all around the world. So, how can a beginner or a website that hasn’t been recognized yet promote their website? Or more like attract viewers, how is this done? 


Through keyword research tool, it helps you in finding the right keyword for your website that can further help you to stand out from your competitors when a person is searching for a related topic. It gives you different keyword ideas when you give the main keyword.

And why is finding a write keyword important?

Finding the right keyword plays a vital role. You can write a very good article that is very informative, easy, and interesting to understand and yet not receive many views. Why is it? What is the reason behind it? What are you lacking? That is because of your ranking on Google, for you to gain attention and attract viewers – you will have to be ranked well. This is made possible when you find the right keyword.


One of the free tools available for keyword research tool is Ubersuggest

ubersuggest dashboard

2. Email marketing tool


mailchimp logo

What is email marketing? What does it do? It is as simple as the name suggests, marketing through email and reaching to the ones who are already aware of your website, products, or organization. You can reach the ones who are more likely to be interested in your work which gives you chances of a high success rate.

But firstly, you will have to get an email list. So that you can send mail to the ones who might be interested and not just to random members. 

Is email marketing efficient?

Marketing is now done through many social websites, like Facebook and Instagram. And many believe email marketing is dead, but email marketing is a classic. 


It is very cost-effective and you can reach the targeted group. And as a fact, 91% still check their emails every day. Technology has been developing and a lot of things have been replaced and continues to be. But can email be replaced? It has lasted for a great period of evolution and almost everyone uses email.


Mailchimp is a free tool that can be used for email marketing.

  • History dating back to 2001, well before most companies began using email marketing.
  • Self-service support options, ensuring that you can quickly find answers to all of your questions.
  • Free plan for those with less than 2,000 subscribers and those who don’t send more than 12,000 emails per month.
mailchimp dashboard

3. Email capture tool


We have already discussed email marketing and how it can be effective if used properly. We can send emails to random people and on the downfall, they might not be interested in our work, which is of no use. What is the solution to this? 

We have to collect an email list. An email list contains email IDs of those who might turn into our potential customers rather than following a random method.

 There are around 3.8 billion people using email. Among these people, we have to form a list who can be attracted and interested in your course of work. And how can we do this? This can be done using email capture tools.

How can we get their email IDs?

When a person has already visited your page, they are interested in your stream of work and are aware of your work. Which gives them more chances of being our subscribers and customers. We have to use this to our advantage and collect their email IDs when they visit our page. 

Some ways of collecting their mail IDs are-
  1. Sign-up forms
  2. Pop-up forms
  3. Interactive forms


After collecting their mail IDs make an email list, we can update them on our new work, offers, and related information.


One of the free tools available for email capture is WPForms.

wpforms homepage
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- Isa Holmgren

4. Subscribers tool


subscribers tool

We should always remember that for your content to be appreciated and recognized or even if you want to be successful in digital marketing. You should have a target group. What good does it do, if we try reaching the people who are not interested in our work? 

This is where the subscribers’ tool comes into the picture. Subscribing is a tool where a person interested in our videos or blogs can subscribe, and they will be notified every time we post something. Even if they’re offline, they will be notified as soon as they come online so that they will not miss it.

You should always try to attract new people towards your work, but we should always try and retain our already existing members.


You can sign up for free on subscribers.

subscribers push notifications

5. SEO tool

Yoast SEO

yoast logo

Search Engine Optimization is popularly known as SEO. But what is it? how does it work? Think of it in this way, when we pick something out a bunch, we pick the one that we have easy access to. Likewise, when we search for something on Google, we pick the one that is on the top.  

So, when we want our website to be recognized, we have to make sure that our website is on the top of the page because that is the website that is more prone to be clicked on. Or at least, on the first page, as not many people refer to the second even when they are not satisfied, they re-search.

How does SEO work?

There are two ways you can use SEO to your advantage-

  • Using the keywords-

Using the right keywords can get your page on the top, as the person searching for might use the same keyword. This will help you to get more clicks, as Google wants to give the user the information that is more relevant and suitable for what they are searching for.

  • Referred to by the other websites-

This is a major part of SEO. The more you are referred to by other websites, the more chances of being relevant. This is the key to use SEO to the best of your advantage.

Why is SEO important?

  There are billions of websites on Google, every one of them trying to be more clicked on by than others. It is a very hard competition that can be achieved with the help of SEO.


  •  SEO takes time to show improvement, but when it does it can stay in such a way from weeks to years.
  • Many websites pay google for advertisement and they pay for every click that they get. Why not use SEO to do the same thing.
  • Instead of advertising and trying to attract people towards you, we should try in reaching them. Because the people who are subscribing to you or the ones who have the potential to be your customer are the ones who are searching for you.


Advertisements might be ignored, but the attention is received when a person is searching for you. Using SEO, we can gather their attention while reaching to them.


Yoast SEO can guide and give you tips on working with SEO.


yoast SEO wordpress

6. Google Analytics

google analytics logo

Google Analytics does what the name suggests, it is used for the analysis part. Using Google Analytics, we can find out a lot of things about our website that can be focused on. 

We can know, 

  1. how many people are spending their time on our website?
  2. How much time are they spending?
  3. What age group, gender, the geographical place they are from? 
  4. And if you are advertising your website on other social media, it can also tell you from where they are directed from?

and many more.

So, using this you will know the group of people you should target on, the social media advertisements you should prioritize. You can also know what page they are bouncing off from, so you will know what to improvise so that they can go through your website till the end.

To know more about Google Analytics, refer to


google analytics insights
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-Milan kundera

7. Google Trends

Google trends will let you know about what is trending and what isn’t. So you will know exactly what to be focusing on. 

 For example, assume it is a Christmas and the Christmas supplies are trending in the month of December, but it won’t be the same case in the mid of May. Google Trends will let you know that. 

You can also study what factors are linked. Let’s take the same example, the sale of Christmas tree and bells are linked. 

 We will be able to know what is trending in which area, which website, etc.? It is presented in graphs, charts, and maps for you to understand better.

refer to google Trends 


8. Designing tool


Writing good content is important but making it look presentable and interesting plays a vital role as well. If the content is the heart of your website, then your design is the skin.  

The first thing that is being noticed is the design, so it must be attractive. As soon as the viewers look at your website they should be captivated.

In digital marketing, designing plays a major role as the design can make a person stay or leave and digital marketing should make a person stay.

Why is designing tool important?

How many of us get attracted to a website because of the way it is designed, that gives us a psychological feeling that the website is well designed and contains good information. And that also makes us think that the owner of the website has good knowledge and skills. That is why we need a tool for designing.


Canva is a free tool that can be used without any prior knowledge.

9. Website CMS


The content management system is often shortly referred to as CMS. What does it do? It manages the content – it helps in create, edit, and publish. And how does it do that?

 CMS had made it easier to manage content. Traditionally, this process was done through coding. But now, you can work without those coding skills. You can use these tools and put up themes and designs, it also contains many other features. You can access them without any prior or technical knowledge.

must be attractive. As soon as the viewers look at your website they should be captivated.

In digital marketing, designing plays a major role as the design can make a person stay or leave and digital marketing should make a person stay.

It not only helps in blogging, but it can also help you with online stores, mailing lists, forums, analytics, and many more. you can create websites, blogs, or apps.

Why do we need website CMS?

You can use this to write in different styles which is similar to word document. But additional to that you can maintain a theme for the whole of your article. You can also find images without searching on the web.

Why not use something that can help you write while also presenting innovatively?


WordPress helps you with this and is completely free.


"Stopping advertising to save money is like
Stopping your watch to save time."

- Henry ford

10. Social media automation


What is social media automation? It automates our social media accounts. On average people spend around 144 minutes on social media, so what is a better place to advertise on if not where people spend a lot of time.

 If you do not have time for posting every time you post on your website or comment or message. That is when you use social media automation and save time.

 Most of us use social media, so how many of us heard of apps that lets you track who is following you and who is unfollowing you, who is looking at your profiles, and such things. This is all part of social media automation.

What can you do with social media automation?

We can-

  1. Schedule our posts.
  2. Follows
  4. Messages
  5. Respond to the comments.
  6. Get updates on who is following and who is unfollowing you.


Why is social media automation important?

While posting on social media, you have to make sure that it is the right time to post. We have to post while most people are active, to get more views and reach more people.

 We do not have to wait for the right time to post, we can schedule our posts. If you are a busy person, then you can surely use this to your advantage.


You can use later to support you and help you be at the right time on social media for free.

later dashboard


If you are new to
digital marketing and do not have any knowledge about it, these tools will
support you to a great extent. And if you have already been in this field for a
while, they will surely make your work easier.

If this article has convinced you that you need digital marketing tools. You but don’t know where to start or you’re busy with your business then let us know. but you’d like some help identifying the right approach, let us know here or in the comments! We love helping businesses grow with digital marketing.   

Did I miss something in this article? Have additional questions about digital marketing? Let me know in the comments!


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