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Business ideas 2021 | 15 ideas that would work

Did you know There Are 3 New Startups Every Second, making up for 11,000 per hour, or 25,9200 per day!

With every second you waste brainstorm to get new and profitable business ideas | startup ideas there are 3 new startups established already.

Have you been looking for start-up ideas that would work? and are very excited about starting something on your own? Are you having trouble finding various ideas? Well then here are 15 such ideas which require just a little research and you are good to go. All you need is consistency and dedication and you will definitely achieve your objectives.

1.Organic Store

organic store

The world is now switching towards everything organic. Whatever it might be cosmetics, skincare products, food, clothes, etc. This shift from regular to organic is being observed by all the generations alike.

This means you only carry products from suppliers that you trust.

Organic stores can carry anything from soaps, cosmetics, and personal care items to food (perishable and long shelf life). You can even start an organic store from home if you plan to sell a limited number of items, and wish to specialize in them. Look for suppliers who have Organic

Trade Association Licence or become a member yourself to increase credibility in the market.

If you are interested in starting an organic store that provides either one of those mentioned above such as food, cosmetics, skincare products, etc, or maybe all of those together the chances of your business to grow are guaranteed.

Once your licenses are in place, increase your stocking budget to include more variety and reach out to more customers. Promote your store online and offline to make more sales.

organic food


1. Good location of the store.
2. Set Reasonable Prices.
3. Quality Products.
4. Food and Beverage license


10,00,000 - 20,00,000



2.Nutritional Coach


People are becoming more conscious about eating right and following a proper fitness routine to lead a healthy lifestyle. But most of them do not have the time and the kind of knowledge to do so.

As the nutrition guide, you would have to know how the human body works – especially the digestive and excretory systems. A large part of your investment is the course you take; it must provide certification and essential learning.

This is a business that can be done mostly from home, and with occasional visits to speak at conventions, participate in health and wellness conferences and programs, and to coach clients one-on-one at their homes for demonstrations.

 If you are interested in the nutritional components of food and are interested to help others achieve their goals at reasonable prices then, maybe you can start your research and start building your career in this particular area.

healthy food


1. Knowledge about Nutritional components of food.
2. Basic knowledge about fitness.
3. Detailed research regarding different types of ingredients to be used.





3. Image Consultant

grooming consultancy

Do you spend hours grooming yourselves? Do others often ask you for suggestions regarding grooming? Do you love helping others maintain their appearances? If the answer is yes then this particular field would be the best for you.

Apart from fashion advice, you can give tips on the colors that suit their complexion, the hairstyle that would complement their face shape, suggestions on footwear and clothing sizes, and lots more.

Invest in yourself primarily so that your face, body language, and clothes exude confidence. Learn how to groom yourself, invest in a powerful wardrobe, and practice a killer smile. More than a degree, this is about poise, self-awareness, deep empathy, and understanding of subtle body language cues.

With growing awareness towards grooming and very few consultancies that provide such services the chances of success would be high provided that you have talent. 



1. Pleasing Appearance.
2. Inter-Personal Skills.
3. Pleasant Behaviour.
4. Communication Skills





4. Travel Consultant

Going to beautiful places around the globe, meeting new people, eating delicious food, learning about different cultures, and trying out anything and everything new and different. Do these lines excite you and make your heart beats faster then you are someone who loves to travel and explore. Many youngsters these days are just like you. You can start your consultancy and help your clients travel and you too can travel along with them. This would mean that you will get paid to travel. Isn’t it something that someone like you would love to do?

man on rock traveling


1. Inter-Personal Skills.
2. Learn Foreign Languages.
3. Get Experience in Related Field.
4. Travel as much as you can.





5. Career Consultant

Career Consultant

Gone are the days when high school students made career choices according to the advice of their parents or by looking at the pay packet. Young people nowadays are ready to take calculated risks and explore to find out their passion and work towards making a career in that particular field. If you think you can guide them through their journey and help them explore their options to find out a field they would be interested in then this is just the right option for you.


1. Vast knowledge of career paths.
2. Detailed research about various Universities and Scholarships.
3. communication and listening skills


20,000 - 80,000



6. Video Editing

Video editing

With the technology growing faster day by day, the need for people who can make content attractive are high in demand.

Video editing requires you to be dynamic and patient without personal judgment clouding your work.

The scope of the work is wide-ranging because every business now maintains a social media page and uses videos to attract user engagement across platforms. Editing services are in high demand and there’s a good chance you can set up a long-term collaboration, if you keep your skills updated.

You can freelance and build enough of a customer base to earn a living. It is possible to increase business by offering other multimedia services for text, audio and pictures.

If you are interested in editing and have an eye for art then you can just try learning a few video editing software and start working. Your potential clients can be those YouTubers with less or no editing knowledge or maybe a friend of yours who wants to make a documentary or maybe just someone in need of it. There’s no doubt that you will be able to earn good money and grow your business faster too.



1. Knowledge related to technology.
2. Knowing the trends.
3. Creativity.
4.Learning editing software.





7. Corporate Event Planning

Corporate Event Planning

Event planning is a big thing now and corporate event planning is all the more important. It is a chance for the companies to portray their image, position and it is no doubt in saying that it is a matter of prestige to all the companies irrespective of the size of the business. They also use it as a marketing strategy. But huge companies don’t usually plan all their events on their own, they hire an outside agency to do this work for them.


Extremely favorable scaling up opportunities! Your team can grow by leaps and bounds as you get more popular. And remember to snag those testimonials. Word-of-mouth testimony is best in this case.


 If you are interested in planning and organizing such events and you also have a network of people that can help you find clients then you might as well start your detailed research in this field.

event planning


1. Networking and socializing skills.
2. Organizing skills.
3. Adapting to the needs of the client.





We have a “strategic” plan its called doing things.

-Herb Kelleher

8. Handmade Items Seller

Do you spend hours making handmade things? Do you love it when you receive handmade gifts? Do your eyes always turn towards handmade things while shopping? Then maybe you can start as a handmade seller.

Just think of the happiness and satisfaction of the clients when they receive something so beautiful and is made by your hand. Doesn’t it bring some feeling of achievement to you? If yes then you can sell decorative items, jewelry, gift articles, etc to people.

Even if you do not have the necessary skill at this point you can always learn for free from youtube if you are interested.  

handmade items


1. Skill to make handicrafts.
2. An eye for art.
3. Creativity.





9. Resume Writing


Do you have years of experience writing resumes? Do you have excellent writing skills?

Then maybe you can start helping people write their resume and get paid for it.

Don’t we all know how important it is to have an attractive resume while applying for that dream job? Many people only fail even before being interviewed because they do not know about writing an impressive resume.

Such people will be your potential clients. All you need to do is approach them to help them and ask them to advertise about you through word of mouth.

Resume Writing


1. Excellent writing skills.
2. Good grip on the language.
3. Experience in writing resumes.





10. Cooking Classes

Cooking Classes

If you often get complimented for your cooking skills and you love to share your recipes with others then you can try teaching people how to cook and make money out of it.

Cooking classes will never go out of fashion as long as the love for good food endures.

Having only the interest, time, place, and necessary equipment at home to teach you can get into this business going.   

Making your classes fun and giving students written material that they can refer to later will help popularize your offering. You can offer web-based or video-based tutorials as well.

A website of social media pages with student testimonials or small cooking videos is good publicity. You can eventually brand and market your classes and move into a more commercial set up.



1. A place to teach.
2. Excellent skills in the preparation and presentation of food.
3. Ability and patience to teach.





11.Vegan Food Services

food service

Veganism is gaining a lot of popularity these days. Not many restaurants and food delivery services provide vegan food.

Many people who started a vegan diet might find it difficult and uncomfortable to find vegan options from regular restaurants.

At times like these restaurants or any food delivery services that provide vegan food especially in a country like India where there are not many vegan restaurants while the number of people going vegan is growing will grab the attention of all vegans. 

Vegan Food


1. Must know vegan alternatives for vegetarian and non-vegetarian products.
2. Knowledge about cooking is very important as you have to develop some new vegan recipes.


10,000- upwards



12.Home Cooked Food Services

home cooking

Who doesn’t love a homemade meal that reminds them of the happy times spent with their family?

Many students and working professionals staying outside their homes tend to eat a lot of junk food because of the busy schedule they have.

They would miss their mother’s homemade food but can’t do anything about it. Providing home-cooked meals services to such people might help them enjoy good food and help you in growing your business.



1. Good culinary skills.
2. Ability to cook in large amounts


5,000- upwards



The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.

-Walt Disney

13.Social Media Consultant

No person doesn’t use social media these days and due to this social media has become a great platform for advertising and marketing for many businesses all around the globe.

Whether a business is regional or wide in scope, a business owner will want to promote it online in addition to offline marketing.

This is necessary because it is the trendiest marketing channel that has the greatest penetration with youth and young adults.

Social media marketing encompasses the posts made over a slew of platforms, including Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and so on.

Each of these has slightly different guidelines for how to make the most of the platform. You can teach businesses how to do this or do their marketing for them

This is a cost-effective way for many businesses to make their presence known to a wide range of the population. A social media consultant helps such companies to manage their social media handles.


1.Excellent social media marketing knowledge.
2. Good Communication skills.
3.Public Relations.





14.Translation Services

Translation Services

If you have excellent proficiency in at least two languages you can think about providing translation services.

Due to globalization, many domestic companies are now dealing with companies abroad.

There might be a language barrier to some of these businesses a person who provides translation services can bridge the gap between two companies and help them make successful deals.

To grow in the ranks as an expert translator, you should be able to translate intricate messages, nuances of business and diplomacy, and much more.


1. Certification of languages
2. Cultural Awareness
3. Inter-personal skill


5,000- upwards



15.Yoga and Fitness Instructor

Yogo with children

Many people nowadays are showing more interest in health and fitness. A yoga or fitness instructor helps people achieve their fitness goals through regular guidance and training.

There are many fitness academies that offer fitness certifications after rigorous practice and test routines. You also need to be aware of calorific values, dietary intake, and some understanding of the human physiognomy – the bone and muscular structure.

When you have the right understanding of these factors, you are less likely to cause injury to yourself, or to anyone you wish to guide on the path of fitness.

If you have been practicing yoga for many years and are excited to share your knowledge with others and help them, you can start a yoga class.

The good thing about starting a fitness coaching business is that you don’t have to set up an office/gym immediately. You can offer your services as a personal trainer to groups or families, or even one-on-one.



1. Inter-Personal Skills
2. Ability to teach with patience
3. Fitness
4. Certification from yoga institute.





When something is important enough, you do it even if the odds are not in your favor.

-Elon Musk

NOTE: All the figures provided above regarding investments are only estimated. You can always invest more or less than the above-mentioned amounts according to the platforms you choose and the circumstances around you. Remember no matter how much information you get from the internet it is your planning, budgeting, and consistency in the end that will make your startup a success.

How to Choose a Startup Idea

Before diving into the most appealing idea you see on this list, there is some work you should do.

  1. Make sure there’s an actual demand for the startup ideas or business you want to start.
  2. Where you want to start it. Over 40% of businesses fail, the fact that there isn’t a real market requirement for their services or product, don’t turn into another business tat adds to this measurement. Do your research and ensure there’s a requirement for the business you need to begin.
  3. Writing a business plan. A business plan is one of the most essential part before starting any business or startup.  



So there you have it, 15 business | Startup thoughts that can make you cash! With such a wide scope of decisions that range across various market portions, you ought to ideally have the option to locate your next startup thought and transform it into a money-making machine.

but you’d like some help identifying the right approach, let us know here or in the comments! We love helping businesses grow with digital marketing.   

Did I miss something in this article? Have additional questions about digital marketing? Let me know in the comments!

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