Brand Collaboration

What is brand collaboration?

brand collaboration is a strategic partnership between a brand and another party. This partnership might be with another brand (aka, a co-branded campaign) or with an artist, celebrity or influencer.

Why Brand collaboration important?

  • Collaboration brings people (and organizations) closer together

    If you’re finding that certain teams in your organization rarely interact with each other, that teams and departments are operating in isolated silos, you might want to try putting together a mixed-skills team. These are generally ad hoc teams that tackle projects which require people with diverse skill sets and areas of expertise. For instance, a mixed-skills team might include a product designer, a user experience designer, a developer, and a content writer. It’s essentially a new team set up to collaborate for a period on a shared project. In doing so, you’ve brought together members from three (or four) different teams, created a common purpose between them, and set up connections which will serve all of you in the future. In short, you’ve used collaboration to break down some walls in your organization, and tighten up connections between departments.

  • It opens up new channels for communication

    Working with new people from different areas of your business also opens up channels that would otherwise remain closed. Finding new ways to communicate and share information is hugely important to the success of any business, which is why collaboration should be utilized whenever possible to form bonds between departments. Creating a more cohesive, open workplace benefits everyone because, according to David Hassel, “maintaining regular, direct communication with team members, helps you gain valuable insights into the operations of each department and be able to resolve issues quickly.” On top of that, it brings everyone a little closer to each other and hones the overall mission of your organization.

  • Collaboration boosts morale across your organization

    As connections are made between teams and departments, people will naturally trust each other more, which can gradually boost the morale of your entire organization. After all, organizations aren’t going to be successful if there’s a lack of trust and low morale. Regularly working together with people outside of your own team or department is one of the most effective ways to build trust. This also works in reverse: the higher your company’s morale, the higher the likelihood that your people will feel comfortable working alongside team members from other departments. This is also attractive to top performing candidates who are increasingly looking for more open, engaged workplaces.

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