How To Find The Best Domain Name for Your Website

How To Find The Best Domain Name for Your Website

How to Find for Your Website?

 In this article I’m gonna help you find/ choose domain name for your website or online business.

one of the most important things that you need to figure out before you start building your website is what your domain name is gonna be.

First let us understand what is Domain name?

What is domain name?

Domain name is the address of your website that people type in the browser URL bar to visit your website.

In simple term– If your website was your house then its address is the domain name

In-depth explanation– A domain name is an identification string that defines a realm of administrative autonomy, authority or control within the Internet. Domain names are used in various networking contexts and for application-specific naming and addressing purposes. 

Url/ Domain name of website
URL / Domain name

 So that’s my “DIGITALGENIC.IN” that’s the thing that people are actually going to type into their browser in order to get to my website.

 So I’m gonna share my technical recommendations on how you should construct your domain name.

 But first I want to talk about branding.

What is Branding?

 So if you just change the question slightly and ask what my brand name should be as opposed to what my domain name should be.

 You open up a much wider range of resources to help you make a more intelligent and educated decision for more of a marketing perspective as opposed to a technical perspective.

A brand is a name, term, design, symbol or any other feature that identifies one seller’s good or service as distinct from those of other sellers.


all brands logo

 So let’s talk about the five different types of brand names that you could choose as it relates to domain names

Personal Brand

So that would be taking your first name and your last name and putting it together to create your domain  [i.e. first name+ last or .in ]

let us understand with some  Example-

  1., Jon is the facebook marketing expert.
  2.,  Amy is the social media expert, with a focus on Facebook Marketing.
  3. – Lewis Howes is an online business guru, and runs the School of Greatness podcast.
  4. – Neli is SEO expert.

Branding Is What People About You When You are not in the room.

Jeff Bezos

CEO&Founder, Amazon

There’s a number of people who really, who take personal branding approach to their online business and personally.

I feel like that approach works best for life coaches, Mentors; basically anyone who is a personal or business expert.

You know  that their  business really revolves around their personal expertise or experiences.

So by branding  your domain as a personal brand it kind of gives you more of a celebrity status in a sense.

 it’s a little bit easier to it kind of gives you extra credibility and trust and authority by putting you in the spotlight.

if you feel like  your business is really revolved around your personal expertise then that’s something you might want to look at.

Some technical things to keep in mind though-

Is it easy to spell? – If your name is impossible to spell then you really want to consider going with something else because you don’t want people to miss out on your site just because they can’t spell it.

Full name or nick name? – You also want to think about whether you want to use your full name or a nick name.

How long is your name? – So for me you know my name’s VisheshJhadi always go by Vishesh so if I were to do a personal brand I would definitely go with, so just think about how you address yourself you know introduce yourself when you’re talking in a video or something like that and you probably want to stick  with your personal brand.

 So a couple of things even if you don’t plan on using your personal domain name for your business. It is still might be a good idea to  buy it just so you have it and you can you know you can do different things with it.

You can use it as as like a resume or a link to all your social media accounts it’s just something to think about if you know as.

You grow your brand and you grow your business online you want to keep your options open and it is a good idea if you do have your name available to purchase it’s a good idea to get that but that’s totally up to you obviously

The other thing I want to mention is just you know even if you’re not going to be using the personal brand name for your domain that still doesn’t mean that you don’t want to inject your personality into your business. I think it’s really important to really put your face out in front of the business and show the world that ‘hey I’m a real person you know and it just it gives much more credibility.?

That’s the first domain brand name option the second one is going with a generic or descriptive brand name for your business.

Generic or Descriptive Brand

For example, if you had a website about photography a generic brand name would be .

It’s basically using a keyword that’s exactly descriptive of the subject that  you’re about a descriptive brand name would be like [Here Digital descriptive ]

generic or descriptive brand name

You’re using two or three keywords to give a very obvious hint as to what your website is about and I think this is a great approach because it gives people an idea what your website is about without having to know any context.

so they don’t have to go to the site to figure it out. they don’t have to you know see the link within a sentence that describes ‘hey go to this site it’s about photography’ anything like that.

it gives you a slight advantage when people are saying your brand name other people are can immediately recognize what the website is about.

 Now in the past you also had a SEO benefit a search engine optimization benefit by having exact match domain keywords in your domain and that has really gone away Google has really changed their algorithm in how they rank exact match domains.

  I really wouldn’t approach it from a perspective of search engine optimization but really it’s more for the perspective of the app you know actual real people who see the domain name and identify with what the subject is about.

 Some examples of generic or descriptive domain names.

  •, Pat Flynn’s site it’s about how to generate passive income and the thing that’s kind of cool is he put the word ‘smart’ in front of it so it kind of gives the impression that in his domain name it makes you think like “oh man there’s a ‘smart’ way to do it, maybe I should check that out”.
  • by darren rouse that’s a very descriptive obvious domain name as to what the site is about it’s you’re gonna learn how to do digitalphotography.
  • that’s an awesome fitness site by Stevecam and you know instantly when you hear, you know it’s a site about fitness but geared specifically towards nerd. so it’s really cool site you should check it out.

A Brand is not so much about rational arguments, jobs argues ,

but the way the the company resonates with people emotionally.

Steve Jobs


Suggestive brand

 A suggestive brand name uses metaphors and analogies to convey a meaning about a business.

So a suggestive brand name could be a real word or a made-up word either/or now


 Some Example of Suggestive Brand

  •,  you have no idea what that’s about right without me giving you some context. So is a brand consultant company and that’s kind of cool cause when I think of black coffee I think of  those hardcore office people who just drink black coffee cause they’re up working all the time you. It’s conveys the hard worker you know someone who’s just constantly at the  grindstone you know going working hard and getting stuff done.
  •, Mixergy is a podcast created by andrew warner and so he took the word mixer which is a social gathering and energy so he combined those two words to create mixergy.
  • is another example so you take “group” and “coupon” when combine the two words and it suggests what the site is about.
black coffee

Arbitrary or fanciful brand

 These are either word that has no meaning whatsoever to the brand itself other than what you know has been assigned to it.

 Now a fanciful brand name is something that’s completely made-up and has no meaning whatsoever so ‘Trello’ is a good example of a completely made-up brand name another example would be ‘Gum Road’ which is a website that allows you to sell digital products online.

 So there’s no hint whatsoever as to what gum road would mean unless you had context you know within the link or someone told you what it was about.

 Some famous example would be

  • Apple the technology company named after a fruit; really there’s nothing suggestive about the fruit Apple that would make you think of technology other than the fact  that’s the name of the company.
  • beshell the oil company which is named after a clam shell. so there’s nothing about those words that relate to the brand itself.

 Some Example of Arbitrary or fanciful brand 

  • – Here’s an exception to the rule, where they obviously couldn’t get their hands on because it was already taken, and decided to add the word “Team” in front of the domain to make it work. This is an online learning site that teaches web technology.
  • GumRoad – If you’ve never heard of GumRoad before, you’d have no clue what it is without either going to the site, or having someone explain it to you.
  • Trello – Trello is an awesome task management app that I use. This is a good example of a”fanciful” invented brand name.
fanciful brand name ​

Hybrid Brand

The fifth brand name is actually just to do a hybrid so you don’t have to stick with just one type of brand name you could combine multiple types into one.

Hybrid approach that’s really common is to take your first name and then add it to a descriptive brand name.

 some example would be

  1., who’s a travel blogger so he took nomadic put his first name after it and created this hybrid brand name for his domain.
  2., Jeff Goins so he took his last name and combine it with writer in order to create  
  3. – A fitness blog, combining a personal brand name with a descriptive term.
hybrid brand name

Technical points to Remember

  1. Easy to remember– so the most important thing is it should be easy to remember now there’s a number of things that you can do to make it easy to remember. But in general you don’t want a very generic domain name because there’s less distinction attached to your brand so try to stay away from really generic brand names try to do something a little more creative or more distinct that way you know people it’ll stick in people’s minds.
  2. Easy to spell- you also want it to be easy to spell you don’t want people to be missed typing your domain name and missing out on your website because they just didn’t spell it.
  3. Avoid using Numbers- right now some things to keep in mind are try to avoid using numbers because if you say Photography you don’t know if it’s the number one or the word one spelt out or the word one.
  4. Avoid using Hyphens – you want to try to stay away from stay away from ‘–‘ and in different punctuation like that people expect like if I say they don’t expect to have to put hyphens in between each word.
  5. Easy to say – you also want the domain name to be easy to say you don’t want to have to after saying your domain name have to explain it, you say it over a few times so people get it. you don’t if someone has to ask you again what the domain was then that’s probably a good sign that it’s not a good choice for a domain name.
  6. Logo – you also want to think about how the domain name will look in a logo so when you design your website you’re gonna want to design a logo and you want to play around with how the words look when they’re arranged in different ways and if you’re gonna have some kind of graphic for the logo how does the domain name look in the logo.
  7. .com or perfect domain extension – now as far as domain extensions that’s the ending of your domain so the dot-com, dot-Net, dot-org you want to stick with dot-com if at all possible because that’s still the most dominant domain extension that’s out there and that’s the one people are gonna expect your domain is gonna be as dot-com there have recently been a number of additional domain extensions that have become available but in general they’re more expensive to purchase and still the main reason is just that people expect it to be a dot-com so that’s really what you want to try to go for.
  8. Distinct and Unique- you also want to make sure the domain is distinct and unique you don’t want to have any confusion as If you’re don’t if your brand sounds similar to another brand you don’t want to have any confusion as to who is  and you know you can get into some legal trouble with that but also just in general you don’t want to lose your audience because they got you confused with someone else.
  9. Short and sweet – now as far as your domain name length you want to keep it as short as possible now it’s gonna be really hard to try to find short domain names that are still available but you know if you aim for something between ten to twenty letters that’s a pretty good length for a domain name and the reason for that is it’s easier to remember it’s easier to type in when they’re going to your website.
  10.  Avoid filter words- now you may have seen a lot of domains that use filler words so you know if you were thinking of creating a scrapbooking sites scrapbooking if that one’s already taken you might think to do the I would recommend avoiding those types of filler words because they kind of dilute your brand they don’t it’s just obvious that they’re filler words they’re not really adding to your brand name they’re just being added onto the domain because you couldn’t get the real one that you wanted.if at all possible try to avoid those types of filler words because they’re just gonna dilute your brand.

  11.  now one tip if you’re having trouble finding domains that match the words than you can try using a thesaurus go to and type in those keywords that you want to use in your domain and you’ll come up with synonyms that you can substitute and play around with different combinations to find one that works for you.


Choose domain name for your business is not hard just follow the above tips to find the best domain / brand name for your business. 

If this article has convinced you that you need brand name/ domain name but don’t know where to start or your busy with your business then let us know. but you’d like some help identifying the right approach, let us know here or in the comments! We love helping businesses grow with digital marketing. 

Did I miss something in this article? Have additional questions about digital marketing? Let me know in the comments!

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