how to install google analytics

How to install Google Analytics on your WordPress website?

How to install ?

Are you sure about your website traffic. Do you know from where the traffic is coming? Do you ? 

If you don’t exactly know your website then you should have this free tool added to your website. 


Its called Google Analytics

In this article We will see How to add Google analytics to your wordpress website in 5 simple ways.

I have a in-depth article on What is Google analytics? how it works?

and I use awesome visual examples so it’s going to be super simple to understand. 

But in simplest terms Google Analytics is just an awesome tool that allows you to analyze your website traffic so you can see how many visitors you’re getting where are they coming from what pages are they visiting most and so much more.

5 way to install Google analytics to your wordpress


Using Tracking code

Step 1 - Create google analytics account


Don’t worry this process is completely free 

              1. Go to
              2. Sign-up with your Gmail account. 

                          And here you have successfully completed the very first step.  

google analytics set-up process 1

3. Click on set up for free.

Step 2- Enter all the required details 


1. Add your property name ( it can be any name you like).

google analytics set-up process 2


2. Select What You want to measure. (in this case select Web.) 

google analytics set-up process 3

3. Now add your website name, website URL and select one category. 

Step 3- Getting Tracking code


 1. After you Enter all the Required details you will be redirected to a page with tracking code.  (Below)   

2. Read all giving information and then copy the tracking code.  

Step 4- Add Tracking code to wordpress


 1. login to your wordpress dashboard 

2. Add a Plugin called  Header Footer Code Manager

header footer code manager HFCM plugin


3.  After you active the plugin head back to google analytics to copy the tracking code. 

adding google analytics code to HFCM

4. Add a new Snippet.

(Remember to keep the site display to site wide and location to header)   

5. Then paste the code in the snippet/ code section. 

header footer code manager code adding

6. Save the snippet 


You have successfully added your google analytics code to your wordpress website. 

Now you can check all your traffic details in your google analytics dashboard.   


If this article has convinced you that you need google analytics in your website, but you still have questions then feel free to  contact us .

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