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What is Podcast? How to start podcast in 2020?

What is

Wanna know how to make a Podcast and become famous? Then here’s the right platform for you…

Even before knowing how to become a Podcaster, lets first know in brief what is a podcast? 
In short, a podcast is nothing but a series of spoken audio episodes often focused on a particular topic or a theme. Hence the process of recording the audio files and making them available in the downloadable form and also releasing in the pattern of series is called podcasting.

Equipment Required:

The equipment required to start a podcast is very basic :
1. A mic
2. A smartphone 

Types of Podcasting:

There are a number of types of podcasting (i.e. Styles) so we can choose as to which one is comfortable and at the same time, go with that which you feel would attract the target audience.

1. The Interview podcast :

This is something similar to the normal interviews, we watch online but in the form of an audio file, which can be done under your comfort and at the same time this kind of podcast can also seem to be interesting to the listeners provided you have an efficient person whom you are interviewing.

2. The Solo podcast :
This is nothing but you will be the only person talking i.e. delivering the content of your choice. This is a bit flexible, because you need not wait for anybody to make your podcast not have to waste much of your time in research. In this even the topic you choose can be of your own choice. In this editing becomes easier and you can also create your own brand. But at the same time, you need to keep your energy up which is a task to be dealt with by you.

Solo podcasting

How to find a Niche ?

Picking-up a niche is way easier then you think. But before we get started and find the best Niche for your podcast, let us understand what is term ‘NICHE‘ means?

NICHE– It is a  specialized or focused area of a broader market that businesses can serve to differentiate themselves from the competition.

Let us understand with an example: Let us say, that you are interested in Smart Mobile phones (specifically on Android phones), so if you wanna start a podcast or a blog in Smartphone then your niche should me Android smartphone because it excites you the most.

I guess, now that you have understood what a Niche is, let us jump into how you can find the best NICHE for your PODCAST?

Step 1Pick a topic you enjoy talking about.

Starting a podcast is a really  fun process, I have already mentioned the Equipment Required (above in this article)

Step 2 Do podcast research

The next step is to make sure that there’s a profitable and big enough market for your topic. This can be done with small market research. Here’s how you can get started.

firstly, you can go to different Podcasts platform Like google podcast, Anchor.FM  Etc. and find your competition.

secondly, figure out what exactly your competition is up to and how you can bet it. 

Step 3-Pick a smaller niche.

From the broad market pick a smaller niche that excites interests you the more.

follow these simple steps and your good to go

Podcast Hosting Provider:

All of you must be wondering about storing and publishing your podcasts by now… for that you require a podcast hosting provider but finding one isn’t a big deal.
All you need to do is use the free app named “ANCHOR” which I personally recommend. This podcast app is available in the play store for free, so you can check it out.
Image result for anchor app affiliate
Using the mic and your smartphones, once you are done with the recording part of your podcast, you are only halfway done, as the editing part lies in the another half.


It is so simple and consists of very few steps…
  1. You need to first listen to your audio file more than once.
  2. And then think of adding good background music to make it not only sound boring but  also, make it sound professional.
  3. Amplifying the voice is also very important. Do remove all the unwanted background noises and also delete the unwanted material.
  4. Make the volume consistent throughout the podcast.
  5. And also try using different music to different situations in order to make it more effective for the listener.
podcast editing


Research, editing, content is all very important for a podcast but at the same time promoting is equally important, else its of no point to make one.
In order to publicize your podcast, you need to choose the right target platform…
Social media is one such where you can reach a massive number of viewers. But it is also important to see that your primary point is to reach the target audience.
In social media, you can make continuous announcements regarding your podcast and also make a number of instructive posts as well which describe your podcast in brief.


  1. I suggest you to first, listen to a number of podcasts so that you can get an idea.
  2. Choose a topic which you are passionate about so that you can feel comfortable and can actually give life to the topic.
  3. But before starting it thinks why you want to do this podcast so that you will have a clarity as to what you are actually up to.


Having a Podcast will help your business in the long run, as the use of virtual assistant AI technology like Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and Siri is in the use. 

As per the recent survey, it is estimated that 80% of Virtual assistants will be in use by 2025.

Now is the best time to start your podcast.

If this article has convinced you that you need podcast but don’t know where to start or your busy with your business then let us know. but you’d like some help identifying the right approach, let us know here or in the comments! We love helping businesses grow with digital marketing. 

Did I miss something in this article? Have additional questions about digital marketing? Let me know in the comments!

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